a real-world success story: integrating ott video & pay-tv services


What was the overall approach that enabled UPC Hungary, a Liberty Global cable system, to deploy OTT services such as YouTube, Flickr, Picasa, Google Maps over its traditional pay-TV infrastructure so quickly? What type of cloud infrastructure was put in place to ensure that the legacy cable network could keep up with sharp spikes in customer demand for more video services? Which technologies made it possible to deliver these in a more cost-effective manner?

This Heavy Reading white paper addresses these and other critical questions. It examines how cable operators can overcome the challenges of video transcoding and set-top virtualization and maximize their channel densities. It explains how 3 key vendors - Intel, Kontron and ActiveVideo - teamed up to help UPC Hungary make cloud-based video services and the virtual STB into a scalable reality. This paper shows how the complete technology package uses highly scalable converged infrastructure and commercial-off-the-shelf servers to bring YouTube and other widely viewed OTT services to the TV screens of Hungarian cable customers.