Building your future-ready network starts with Kontron.


We're talking the talk by opening up the conversation to all things SDN/NFV. Our goal is to educate the global service provider market

on the right migration strategies to turn legacy services into "open services" deployed across SDN and NFVi.

We're walking the walk by showcasing various use cases, achieved through great partnerships with a growing list of ISVs, system integrators

and more - to assist operators in reducing costs and giving their customers access to new services, sooner.



Multi-Access Edge Computing

The edge of glory

We're working with a leading Tier 1 operator on benchmarking projects aimed at comparing the benefits of using our converged, modular SYMKLOUD MS2920 Platform vs a 1U pizza-box server, for Radio Access Network (RAN) MEC-type use cases.

Benchmarking project results include:

  • Substantial differences in power consumption savings
  • Consolidation of 36 1U COTS servers down to just 2 SYMKLOUD MS2920 platforms
  • Ability to enable CPU for strong compute, GPU for Machine Learning inference and Transcode/Caching for live media processing

Cloud and NFVi

The choice is yours

We can help you choose the right turnkey cloud provisioning options, whether it be OpenStack Virtual Machines, Bare Metal (Ironic) or Containers (Kubernetes/Docker).

Options include:

  • VMs for highly dynamic workloads that spin applications up and down rapidly
  • Bare Metal for high-performance applications, removing the need for a hypervisor layer
  • Cost-effective Containers that scale more easily

Open Networking

Switches + Software + SDN

We've integrated Kontron SYMKLOUD white box switches with software stack components from Inocybe Technologies to create a solution designed to work seamlessly with OpenDaylight SDN controllers.

At MWC, you'll learn how to:

  • Simplify and accelerate SDN and NFV production deployments
  • Automate open source networking for SPs and enterprises
  • Build and manage the full stack of open networking components

Thought Leadership Presentations on the Kontron Stage

Bring a friend, grab a free barista-brewed coffee at our SYMkafe and join us in the Kontron Theatre, for an awesome line up of presentations, everyday. Listen to a diverse mix of presentations from Kontron experts, partners and key customers.

Keep checking back for the complete speaker schedule... updated weekly!